Voice Lessons Vienna

"An excellent voice teacher

[who] makes the process itself enjoyable."

"Extremely versatile and can adapt to a great deal of styles and levels."


"Without a doubt one of the

finest voice teachers I have worked with." 

What you can expect in a lesson


My method focuses on singing as a

full body experience.

Breath, movement and body

working together to give your voice

support and energy.  

As I am also an acting teacher, I put

great emphasis on finding and unleashing

your own personal interpretation of the 

songs you are singing - be it classical or musical theatre; jazz or blues, pop or rock.

Whether you're an experienced singer

or an enthusiastic amateur, 

I help you find a natural, active technique

that improves your abilities over the long term 

and give you fast results that you can hear

right away. 

Who is welcome at Voice Lessons Vienna?


If you love to sing and want to

feel more comfortable with your voice, and develop your natural musicality; 

If you have been singing for years and want to polish your technique

and expand your repertoire

With me as your teacher,

you can expect your singing to become

more comfortable, healthy and free.

If you have an audition coming up that

needs some extra rehearsal,

or you're getting ready for a Karaoke party and want some practice...

Voice Lessons Vienna is for


Private Sessions


Voice Lessons Vienna

Strassenbahn 1, 62,




Strassenbahn D, 71




Personal.  Private.  Exclusive.

Taught in my private studio in the heart of Vienna,

these one-on-one lessons are tailored to your individual needs. 


"Catrina is an excellent voice teacher:

she helps her students set goals, leads them through the steps of proper vocal form,

and makes the process itself enjoyable.


Personally, she has helped me mature my classical vocal technique and

coached me through a year of auditions and performances.


She is without a doubt one of the finest voice teachers I have worked with."

Jonathan Tilley

—  Name, Title