Catrina Poor

Public speaking trainer

I work with individual clients and groups,

private and corporate,

online or in person.

Everyone can benefit from my trainings.


Who needs Public speaking?

For many of us,  public speaking is a vital aspect of our jobs,

from lunches with clients to meetings with our peers.


Whether at home or in the office, 

learning to speak with intention, clarity and confidence

can make all the difference.

For some, public speaking is personal.  

We struggle to speak in groups,

we are talked over and ignored.

my method

Body language &  Posture, 

Articulation & Rhetoric, 

Rhythm & Timing

I help you capture your audience's attention 

with tools and methods that 

convey your point engagingly and compellingly.

Private Sessions


Personal.  Private.  Exclusive.

Taught in my private studio in the heart of Vienna,

these one-on-one sessions are tailored to your individual needs. 

Corporate Training


Academic Workshops



JOIN Translations

Jovanovic Innerhofer

Highly recommended.

If you want to improve your overall voice performance, Catrina Poor is the coach you want to work with.

She has the ability to explain every single nuance when it comes to the art of speaking/singing, no matter how abstract the matter at hand might appear.

I'm an academically trained conference interpreter who has been working in the language business for over a decade, and yet Mrs. Poor was able to provide me with an astonishing amount of new information that helped me to improve my performances significantly.

To top it off, she is a very kind and funny person.   


5 stars!

Polina Pogrebinskaya 

I decided to give voice lessons a try and what I thought was going to be a 4-lesson-trial turned

into a year+ romance with the power of one's voice!


Catrina is a great teacher: she provides personalized guidance and critique in a nonchalant manner.

Every lesson is great fun and no matter the mood I came with - I always leave empowered, energized and motivated!


Very much recommended!