What can you expect in a voice lesson?

I work with a wide range

of styles, from classical,

jazz and choral to folk,

blues, and rock.

Every student 

can improve

using my methods! 

I focus on singing as a full body experience.

Breath, movement and body

working together to give your voice

support and energy.   



Whether you're an experienced singer or an enthusiastic amateur, 

I help you perfect a natural, active technique

to improve your abilities over the long term 

and give you fast results that you can hear right away. 




If you love to sing 

and want to develop your natural musicality; 

if you have sung for years and want to polish your technique

or if you have an audition coming up that

needs some extra rehearsal,


with me as your teacher,

you can expect your singing to become more 

comfortable, free and healthy.

What my students have to say!


Marcus Koch

I‘ve had singing lessons here for over a year now and the experience has been amazing.


I went from not being able to sing at all and having no confidence, to singing very difficult songs and not hesitating to attempt things that seem out of my league.


It‘s definitely a skill worth learning, not just because its fun and an incredibly useful skill in music, but it helps immensely with self confidence; not being worried to put your voice out there.


I would recommend this to anyone, no matter what age or musical skill level.

Singing Changes Your Brain

"When you sing, musical vibrations move through you, altering your physical and emotional landscape."

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